Dear Students

Physical mobility is close for now, but not the cultural learning!

Due to the uncertain situation of COVID-19, we cannot offer a face-to-face semester at our university during 2021-I, but we would like to invite you to continue with the exchange!

For that reason we´ve created UPCH VIRTUAL, virtual mobility program of courses completely online. Each student, with prior approval of their Head of Degree, can take from one to four courses online at UPCH. The courses will have synchronous components.


The vacancies will give according the academic unit -UPCH


The International Relations office of your Home University must send us your requirements by November 30, 2020.




All academic activities must be recognized with credits based on the curricular plan at their home university.


NOTE: In case there is a face-to-face opportunity due to the reopening of the airports we will let you know.  Anything question about this, please contact us at: durin@oficinas-upch.e


  1. General Application File – DURIN 
  2. Academic agreement
  3. Presentation letter of the
  4. Motivation letter ( a simple document written by the students, indicating objectives and aptitudes that he/she wishes to obtain abroad)
  5. Score record
  6. Accredit the Spanish language via Skype interview  as necessary or requested by the corresponding units.
  7. Passport-size photo with white background.
  8. Resumé (Maximum 1 file)



  • Only complete files sent by the International Relations Office of the student´s home University will be received within the term of the call.  However, due to the pandemic and the mismatch in the call of the universities that are our partners, we are willing to support students as much as we can.  Once we have received the applications these will be transferred immediately to the pertinent faculties for evaluation, acceptance or denial.
  • The final decision will be communicated to the student and the International Relations Office of their university by email. If the student is admitted, an official acceptance letter will be send it to start the visa process.
  • If in the virtual offer, the summary of the courses of your interest are not included you can consult in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


NOTE: The enquiry is for the course(s) of your interest, NOT for the complete offer of the courses. Enquiries of up to a maximum of 3 courses will be accepted. For that reason, is very important that your Dean assists you. (indicate courses, university and degree)


If your university do not have an international agreement with us,  you can also study at UPCH. For conditions, you must send you consult to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.